Year One

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Well August is over and that means we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of moving to Wisconsin as a family! When we first got here we didn't have a house so we were in a hotel for 3 months. Because of that on the weekends we wanted to get out and explore. We visited Lake Michigan, Door County and the Wisconsin State Fair. Once October hit we FINALLY found a house and FINALLY sold our house in Houston, TX. Once I knew where we were going to live I joined a running group that wakes up crazy early to run before we all hit the office. And I managed to keep running through the winter (which I actually love)! We spent Thanksgiving up here with new friends and we are really settling in. I was eager to meet new people and create a closer network of people/locals I could turn to for advice/help around the area so I reached out to Facebook to create a bunco group! Yes, that bunco, the old lady dice game. And that group will celebrate it's one year anniversary this December. 

We have been lucky enough to have many visitors from our home state; with our family coming up for Packer games, the holidays, Alana's birthday, EAA AirVenture and a few other random visits in-between. It was especially fun having my best friend and her family come up and experience the snow and snow tubing (the first for all of us I think)! We also added a 4-legged family member and her and Alana are being great pals!

We took our first family vacation. We visited Hawaii and while Alana traveled well for the most part. She was teething, causing her to be unhappy for good chunks of the day and then there was all the luggage (carseat and infant carrier)! We think we will stick to road trips for a while before we take her on another flight. 

We have spent a good part of our weekends exploring the area around us; visiting parks, lakes and playing in the yard. We are happy to be out of the 100 degree heat that takes over Texas in the summer and we don't mind the cold or the snow...yet. Look, the way I see it is you can bundle and layer up to keep to warm but you can only take off so many layers of clothes before you get arrested for public indecency....ya know what I'm sayin'?! Summer is short lived here so I see why people soak up the sun and take advantage while they can!

Alana has moved around daycares a little more than what I would have wanted but we finally have her in a place I know she will stay until she is ready for school. And she has grown up SO much in this past year. She took her first unassisted steps in our hotel while we waited to find a home, she is learning to sing and everything else that comes with being a 2 year old. We celebrated her 2nd birthday up here and it was a Sesame Street themed party. I need to blog more about that when I find the time!

Thanks for reading!